Goode Hopefuls

Here is a list of bloggers from the neighbourhood who hope to be the fortunate “Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent”.   If you are one of those hopefull Goode bloggers and you are not yet on this directory but would like to be, then please contact me.   I would be glad to add you and get to know you!

  • Helen Thomas:  middle aged marketing director, living in the middle of the United States.   Blog:  The Best Job in the World

  • Lauren Groblewski: PR student at UGA; interning in London this summer; adventurous, impatient and light-hearted and presently in Greece (or Georgia 😉 ), as it where!  Blog:  Life on Land

  • Delia: I’m a foodie, beer snob and wine lover–on a budget.  I’m a freelance writer whose work has appeared in national magazines and local newspapers.  Blog:  Vine Designs

  • Dayle Doherty: “Help me land the Murphy-Goode Vineyards dream job and enter to win over 500 bottles of FREE WINE. Drink Goode. Live Better. Vote Dayle For Vida and Vino. ”  Blog:  Living Goode, Doing Good

  • Liz H. Scott: A freelance writer–a dangerous job in the writer-eat-writer-for-the-nutritional-value economic climate of 2009.  Blog:  Eats, Writes and Leaves

  • Yu-Jung: was a burnt out, run down, used up corporate yuppie type but now am happily unemployed, taking the time to use my divining rod to rediscover my true passions.  Blog:  A Whimsygirl Life

  • Hardy Wallace: 1st In Line for Murphy-Goode’s A Really Goode Job. Also run Dirty South Wine.  Blog:  Goode to be First

  • Eric Mohl & Karen Catchpole: Trans-Americas Journey – 4 Years :: 200,000 miles :: North, Central & South America = 1 Journalist +1 Photorapher+1 Truck.  URL:  Trans-Americas Journey

  • Alyssa Gardina: Museum marketer, graphic designer, wine lover and recent Ithaca College grad!  Blog:  Alyssa Gardina–Design, writing, social media

  • Shawna Benson: Screenwriter with beginnings of success.   Not quitting the day job though.  Blog:  Shouting into the Wind

  • Elizabeth Clark: Soak Up Living founder, writer/blogger, consultant, jewelry designer, rescue diver, wine fan, photographer, 15 yrs. high tech, Harvard MBA, White House ’90-’92.  URL:  Soak up Living

  • Ed Thralls: A wino who is into triathlons, cycling, mountain biking and pretty much anything outdoors. Blog:  Wine Tonight

  • Frank Gutierrez: Murphy Goode Winery- Franks Journey to his Dream Job.  Blog:  Frank Loves Wine

  • Susanna Jade: artist, musician, writer, entrepreneur, dancing singing playing in this human reincarnation.  URL:  Good Friends, Food and Wine

  • Tonya Price: Talkin trash and drinkin’ the mash.  URL:  Tonya Russ’ Profile

  • Candis Hidalgo: Lover of good wine, social media, family, and friends. If chosen, I’m ready for my challenge at!  Business Blog:  GoSmart Solutions

  • Darya Pino: Scientist, columnist, San Francisco foodie, health enthusiast, blogger.  Blog:  Summer Tomato
  • Elizabeth Allen: “I’m an adventurer, storyteller, photographer and friend. I live in Oakley w/ my husband and three dogs. I love books, writing, cigars, coffee, tea, wine…”.  URL:  The Beedle Dee
  • Claire Wasserman: Claire loves cafes and people-watching; leather jackets and the blogosphere.  URL:  culturefaced
  • Ashley Bellview: In a quest to bring authenticity, laughter and perspective into the bourgeoisie world of wine and hard to pronounce cuisine, I have created this blog for two reasons. 1. To shamelessly self promote my pursuit for a “A Really Goode Job” at Murphy-Goode. 2. To commiserate on the often scary parts of life and the wine list. Detailing how we don’t need to know everything about wine (or life) in order to enjoy it. Excessively. Every day.  Blog:  A Really Goode Girl

  • Casey Boshae: I love the Goode life! New places, new wines, new people!  Blog:  Purple Teeth!

  • Todd Havens: Digital marketing nerd and writer with a fondness for Hollywood, webseries, widgets and wine.  Blog:   A Goode Guy

  • Maria Ogneva: I am tweeting my way to – this account is dedicated to my journey – also follow me @themaria.  Blog:  One Goode Wine Blog

  • Jean Wilson: Catch up with Jean on OpenWineConsortium.

  • Shaun Hildner: Social Network Enthusiast, Filmmaker, Water Drinker, Sometimes Lover.  Blog:  Shaun2.0

  • Natasha Foy: just a girl in a big wine world.  Blog:  Lines on the Road

  • Jennie Wong: Creator of the weekly syndicated wine column:  Grape of the Month.  URL: Wong on Wine

  • Michelle Lentz: Owner: Write Technology, Consultant: web 2.0, social media, learning 2.0, elearning; tech writer, wine – food writer, writer, Twitter addict.  Blog:  My Wine Education
  • Rhoby Schemp: Blogger, Social Media investigator, Networking Maven, unemployed wonder woman! and Artist.  Blog:  ART ofoutof Work

  • Allison Reynolds: One woman on her mission to land her dream job.  Blog:  Why I Want This Job

  • Craig Given: I’m looking for a really goode job.  Blog:  Craig Given

  • Eric Hwang: Renaissance man, world traveler, foodie, novice winemaker, addicted to technology.  Blog:  Bricks of Wine
  • Alina Brown: Alina wants to be Murphy-Goode Winery’s new Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent, so she is going on a mobile job quest. Agenda: wine.  Blog:  Murphy-Goode Movement

  • Betsy White: Follow me and I’ll happily folllow you. I’m looking to get 300 by Sunday!:)  Blog:  Wine/Yoga/Singing

26 thoughts on “Goode Hopefuls”

  1. laurgrob said:

    Thanks for including me on your list! It seems I am in quite impressive company applying for this job. Goode luck to everyone…cheers!

    • Lauren, so glad to see you here!

      Do you know of any other GoodeHopefulls? I discovered a few videos on YouTube, but I am sure there are more amazing people out there… anyone else starting to network within the goodejob movement?

      • Andy,
        There are definately social network movements out there – There is a Facebook group and also a Twibe out there already, not to mention all the Twitter accounts set up by Goode Job hopefuls. I am amazed by the instant social media networking movement that has come out of this job process – especially since we are all essentially competing against each other! It is fantastic that we can share advice and make new friends throughout this process. Thanks for all your tips to me BTW.

    • Good Morning Andy,

      Thanks for including me on the list. Very much appreciated!
      The link to my site however appears to go to a 404 error page.

      Please let me know if there is something I need to change on my site for the connection to work.

      Thanks for joining the journey at

      • Andy Goode Life said:

        Frank, I love to support you guys! And thanks for the heads up on the 404 error page. I have corrected it now. Sorry.

        I see you have some great blogs up on your WineBlogRoll… although I do not think I really fit the bill. I have never had a drop of wine in my life 😀 ! (Waiting to allow MG the privilage of educating me.)

        Glad to be networking with you. I hope to see Dirty Hardy and Ed pull forward in this respect. Perhaps we can get Beth on board too! What do you think? How can we network together to build an awesome starting point for whoever gets the gig?

  2. teachingdayle said:

    Andy, cheers for your support my friend! I genuinely believe that some of the best and most altruistic ideas around come out over a glass of wine and pairing that with social collaboration is just about the best way to spread the love. If I land this dream I’m trying to pay it back and forward and your support will not be forgotten!

    • Dayle, great to have you here… You have way more knowledge in all things wine than I do, my “virgin lips” still have to taste the first drop! But I have been networking for a while and perhaps my advantage lies in this realm?

      I can learn wine, right? And Murphy-Goode seems a mighty fine place to start learning… and at my ripe age of 39… what better way to walze into the “mid-life-crisis”?

      Do you have any knowledge of other GoodeHopefulls?

      (PS: get a gravatar, dude, people want to see who they are socializing with).

  3. hsthomas said:

    Hey Andy–it’s Goode to know there are lots of other people who agree with me: the job truly would be The Best Job in the World (tbjitw)! Helen

    • Helen, I have a tip for you!

      Along with Dayle, bloggers would really love to have an identicator, a picture, a gravatar to have something visual to connect with in this social sphere…

      Plus (along with Dayle and Lauren) you have not put your URL in the comments, which is a shame. This is how SEOs work, they send out the bots and read the content (including the comments) and viola, you are truely networked (social network goes way deeper than the conversation we hack out with our fingers!).

      Link-love, Helen, it is the way to go!

      Here is to your diving deeper in the social networks,


  4. lizscott said:

    Thanks so much for listing me! I’m really enjoying the support coming from so many of the folks who’ve applied for the Really Goode Job. Your twittering and blogging have directed several new folks to my blog and my social networks–I can’t thank you enough for the shout-out.

    Murphy-Goode really is offering somebody the job of a lifetime. Whoever wins, the whole thing has been awesome so far!

    • lizscott said:


    • One question which is burning here, Liz.

      Why is your blog not accepting trackbacks? That should be automatic within wordpress…

      Plus you have not got an avatar… Plus you can leave your URL as a hyperlink when you sign up to give a comment… that is SEO Karma points you loose each time you forget!!!

      Here is wishing you the best, Liz.

  5. Hi Andy, thanks so much for putting me on your LIST. It was good tweeting with you yesterday… best of luck to you!

    • Andy Goode Life said:

      MG Wine Girl, thanks for dropping by… you are in such an advantage to most of us out there… you can make a really goode go at this! And I am so glad to have met you before your Murphy-Goode fame 😀 . Key to this position, I anticipate, will be a real networker and with your background, what could the guys in Sonoma want more?

      Looking forward to getting to know more about you!

      • mgwinegirl said:

        Thanks for the encouragement! I think it’s going to really boil down to someone who can show they have a solid grasp of social media and how to leverage it to spread a message and build a brand, as well as someone who has a great personality. Well, at least that’s what I would look for if I was in charge of choosing 😉 That said, I think it’s fair game to all who apply. Again, I wish you the best!

      • Andy Goode Life said:

        How to transfer a great personality, social media savvyness and a vision for Murphy-Goode in a 60 sec. take? Me thinks someone very gifted will get the gig. I find it fascinating all the video’s out there and it has helped me enormously to have a look at all of the Goode Hopeful’s social media campaigns to date (and I need to present some more here… there are soooo many!).

        I wonder if there can be a sense of community amoungst the candidates and if we can all rally around the winner and give our best support… mgwinegirl, that will be the true spirit of social media campaigning! Looking forward to your video 😀 !

  6. Andy, what a great idea for a site… one of the things I wonder about this competition is exactly how they will choose the winner? Will it be the social net savvy, or the marketing wiz, etc.? They posted video requirements, but I see not many folks followed them… I explain myself a little more on my blog:

    • Ed, what a great conversation happening on your blog! Thanks for the invitation… wonder how many other Goode Hopefuls consider these issues?

  7. Thanks for adding me to the list 😉

  8. Hi Andy–

    I just realized–I don’t seem to be on your list!! Even though I have 3 posts in your blog carnival! So please add me!

    thanks, gwendolyn aka art predator aka wine predator

    • Oh, there are LOADS not on the list, I have you now on my to-do list for today… I will get you in there…

      Some ideas rolled me over (and I still find them to be great ideas) — like also keeping my guest post page up-to-date as well as the advice page…

      The PITFALLS of being with, doing it all manually. But I will be more than glad to get you up there, Gwendolyn!

  9. Quite right! I have already found a lot of support from those who were not picked for top 50. There is just an extraordinary group of people participating in this adventure. A lot of talented, creative and interesting folks. I’ve already learned so much and feel like I have made some great connections. I think the community is in place in many ways. There is a lot to build on for Numero Uno and for those who don’t make it to number one.

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