A Goode Application

This is a selection of Video-casts and articles to help you stay focussed on the job of winning over the Murphy-Goode team.

* Advice for the Goode Hopefulls out there: Twitter basics and five step game plan.

* Monty Pythons take home Goode lessons 1 & 2:A five ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut,” and how important it is to not get distracted with the difference between African and European swallows

Monty Pythons take home Goode lesson 3: Boost your credibility:  Show them that you know who they are and what they need.

Monty Python take home Goode lessons 4 & 5: Keeping everything in the right perspective.

5 Tips for Blog Video-Casts by Robert Scoble

Top 10 Must-Follow people on Twitter

TMI–Social Media and a word of caution:  Advice on how to behave in the digital era to keep your slate clean and attractive for future employers.  TMI–too much information–the social media trap.

Social Media Marketing:  Facebook and MySpace:  who understands the metrics of these two social networks?

Lijit:  Search Engine Power for you and your networkLijit provides an impressive search network creation dashboard where you can define and manage your trusted social networks connections. Basically you are creating your own search engine that searches your blog, bookmarks, photos, blog roll, and more…

Who is gonna make the cut?:  No answers, but some thoughtful questions… and perhaps the beginning of an idea for some of you goode hopefuls out there.

BlogHer, Social Media Gurus and the Murphy-Goode hopeful: a lesson in syndication– how to help yourself by helping others.

How to create a good seo hyperlink for a blogspot blog:  Blogspot is a great platform for some functions:  quick, clean, reliable.  However if you are on this platform and looking for a job in the social media, you will need to work a wee bit harder to optimize your search engine work.  Here is one tip concerning hyperlinks.

10 Tips for getting a social media job:  Tip 10–get over your ego.

10 Tips for landing a social media job:  Tip 9–get over your pride.

10 Tips if you don’t get the Murphy-Goode gig:  First of all, don’t quit. You may not realize it, but you may have just developed a very valuable asset. Leverage the influence and following you’ve established through the process. Maybe you can even turn it into another job. So, here are ten tips for all you losers (ehem, non-winners)…

How to successfully exit a social media job:  Do you have an exit strategy after a job well done?  Join the controversy:  one camp says you are the brand, the other says it’s about illuminating the company… what is your take?


7 thoughts on “A Goode Application”

  1. Andy,

    “Join the controversy: one camp says you are the brand”?

    I’ve gone as far as saying that you become the online voice, face, and representation of MG (echoed by Dave Ready’s comments on Wine Biz Radio), but I think that is different then saying “you are the brand”. Just curious, has anyone said that?

    • Andy Goode Life said:

      Yeah, Dirty, I just said it!

      And there has been talk on twitter about branding and social marketing… I wonder why Rick is so quiet on the subject (on your blog post or on mine), because I would be interested in his take.

  2. If no one has said it except you, are you creating controversy?

    That’s controversial! ; )

  3. Andy Goode Life said:

    No, I am just putting it out there what some people have “thought”–and hoping to generate some conversation… have you seen some of the awesome spin-offs of the topics concerning MG gig online…

    Controversy is a great way to tickle the best out of some people!

  4. Liebe Andrea,
    das ist ja lustig – kennst du mich noch von der 12-Wochen-Challenge?
    Ich war mir erst nicht sicher, ob du es bist. Offenbar schreibst du jetzt in Englisch 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

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