A Goode Word (guest posts)

I knew the very moment I decided to get involved with the “areallygoodejob” search for the savvy Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent that this would be a wild and mind expanding experience.  But in my deepest dreams I could not have anticipated such an awesome journey as this.  Never having drunk wine before I find I have to trust your word that wine is what brings people together — yet I can testify that this is certainly true of wine-social-networking.

Awesome.  This page is just a summary of all the guest posts I have had on my blog (updated periodically… they come in so fast sometimes — keep them coming 🙂 — that I do momentarily have trouble keeping up!).  You people are all awesome.  You have made this blog into what it is today!  Coupled with the comments people have taken care to make, tweets peeped out there and all the emails as well as DMs, we have rallied around a theme, a cause and have started to do what the savvy tech people call: to build a tribe.  I am amazed and stand in awe at your efforts and generosity.

Thank you:

Karen Catchpole & Eric Mohl of TransAmericasBringing the wine home — Passion in the Passing Lane

Maria Ogneva of The Maria’s M.O. and One Goode Wine Blog:   Be goode to your community.  LEER:  Listen, Engage, Empathize, Respond

Amy ShropshireWhat does wine mean to you?

Maria Niles of Fizz and BlogHerYou can be the social media guru many companies are looking for

Amy Atwood of MyDailyWineWhere social media meets wine sales

Taylor Eason of GoodwithaneProfessional Wine writer seeks the Goode Life

Tymel Hill of DribbleWorldA really goode job

*  Jean of DigitDivaMurphy’s Law — Drink Goode Wine

Karen & Eric of TransAmericasV is for Vaynerchuk, not Vino

Natasha of Lines on the Road Why Wine?

*  Anita:  WinePros–your Professional Wine Network

Shaun of Shaun2.0Opinions Matter

* Hardy of Goode to be FirstTubeMogul–How to minimize your effort and maximize your impact

Karen & Eric of TransAmericasHow to win customers via social media strategies — Consumer Credibility and Brand Believability

Todd of A Goode GuyTop 5 Traits of a Social Media Whiz

Mike of Caveman WinesSo you did not get the Murphy-Goode job, now what?

Casey of MGVinoTVThe Secret to a prosperous social media campaign–connectivity

Frank of FrankLovesWineFrankie, will you remember me?

Betsy of Wine/Yoga/Singing“areallygoodejob” I was *made* for it

Ashley of AReallyGoodeGirl: How to produce an awesome video application on a tight budget–Everything I know about competition, I learned from Willy Wonka

Alina of MurphyGoodeMovement (MGM)Budding wine lady on her way to Murphy-Goode fame

Dawn of Be Social World WideWebaddict–a really Goode choice?

Craig of CraigGivenFind Goode Inspiration

Kris of QueenKVs BrainpickingsBy My Side

More to come!  If you have an idea and would like to offer a guest post, please leave a comment or you may contact me privately here.

Have a look at the guideline for guest posts.


4 thoughts on “A Goode Word (guest posts)”

  1. RT AndysGoodeLife 9 special guests posts over at AndysGoodeLife and more to come: http://ow.ly/b4qH #areallygoodejob #murphy-goode

    submitted via Twitter

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