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Continuing on our retrospection of 2009 and Murphy-Goode’s Social Media Magic, I have decided to share with you today the ONE young man who was, in all fairness, slightly distracted by the beautiful Anita during the run for the MG wine country lifestyle correspondent position.  Yes.  Frank married Anita shortly after Hardy was crowned prince of MG, viking horns and all.

I discovered Frank relatively early in my hunt for the goode guys.  His URL was set up, but he was still “creating” himself online as Frank loves wine.  Wow.  A passionate fellow this one, and a very lucky Anita, for sure!  To call Frank a filmmaker would be correct but not appropriate:  He is a story teller.  This is what Frank wrote when I touched base with him recently asking what he is up to since Murphy Goode:

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the very late reply.
I’m very happy to hear about your new business.  I hope it all goes well.
A lot has changed for me this past year.
My latest accomplishment is the video for Conundrum Winery
The ball is still moving and I hope to have more news for you in a couple months.
Frankie H. Gutierrez

Wine Blogger & Social Media Brand Mgr.
818.384.9252 . fhgutierrez@mac.com
Twitter: twitter.com/frankloveswine
Facebook: facebook.com/frankloveswine
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/frankloveswine

In this video published over at Conundrum Winery Blog, Frank walks the talk:  I noticed Eric Hwang and Ashley Bellview, two of the MG winners, both having found career moves within the wine industry due to following their passions and the MG application process.  Frank also connects with Chuck Wagner (Owner), Jon Bolta (Winemaker) and Chef Greg Johnson (Owner / Chef at Zinsvalley Restaurant).  Beautiful!

This little piece of art shows Frank’s mastery of his work:  pairing wine with social media.  It has been a pleasure to meet up with Frank and one day, I hope to sit with him and his lovely bride and enjoy a glass of creepy wine… 😉 .

Any winery can call itself blessed to enjoy strong ties with Frank Gutierrez, for it is surely to be a fruitful relationship.