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Word even a buzz in the German media: Facebook has security problems, compromising privacy issues, etc, yada, yada. If you have not got caught up in the buzz then surely you are sleeping.

What actually is happening?

Yesterday I was asked for my opinion: Should you delete or reduce your content on Facebook in light of the recent *troubles*? This is what I answered:

Prudence and Intent. These are two things which we must bring to keep our facebooking in balance.

I am bold in my beliefs — business, political and religious, yet very reclusive with my family relations here.

I also check my privacy settings for each post when I post. I might choose to go to someone else’s wall to post something and start the conversation *there* instead of *here*, I am careful to set each NOTE to be open to specific groups and/or individuals.

There is only ONE small aspect which really, really gets me and that is when OTHER people post pictures of my kids and tag me. I don’t think it should be allowed to post pictures of people without their consent. Having said that, it is an amazing networking tool (tagging people in pictures and notes), one of the best that facebook brings to the table.

The only reason (at present) that I would leave facebook is if my purpose here could better be filled elsewhere.

Here are some interesting takes:

Bottom line is: with 500 million registered users (or close to it), and 80% of those completely unaware of these privacy issues, I don’t see the mass exodus happening. It may turn in to the “older generation’s playground” while the hip and young define their new myspace/skype/facebook platform…

If you are looking to delete your facebook account, here are some helpful tips:

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account and Profile | KEEMANXP.COM

Is Facebook conquering your life to the extent that you don’t have enough time to go out and get your work done? Or you’re just getting sick of being too socialized via Facebook as almost every details o your life is shared globally?

Publish Date: 05/19/2010 18:16


Heads up for this: As of May 3, there is a new privacy setting on Facebook called “Instant Personalization Pilot Program” that shares data with non-Facebook websites. — > read the following article for more information:

RR: How to Delete FaceBook account?

Looks like FaceBook took a page from the credit card bankers’ and 1980s cable TV outfits’ book… by making it next-to-impossible to delete FaceBook account– or at least a well-guarded secret. Recent leaks re. …

Publish Date: 05/14/2010 17:15


Delete Your Facebook Account: ‘Quit Facebook Day’ Wants Users To Leave

As controversy swells around Facebook’s latest changes to its privacy policy–which is now longer than the Constitution and offers some 50 settings and over 170 options–users’ interest in deleting their Facebook accounts has soared.

Publish Date: 05/15/2010 18:29


So by now you know that there is a movement out there to get a mass exodus going — jump from Facebook! However, I doubt that 500 million users will all leave. I personally plan to “attend” the June 6th boycott by NOT posting, reading, liking or even logging in to FB on that day. This means also for me: no linking from outside (no connecting of twitter or blogs to my facebook accounts).

What do you think of it all?

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